1. To Truly Tackle Climate Change (Tuesday 2nd July 6.45pm)greenheart1
Scary weather events are getting more common and people are dying – but why has our society not managed to face up to climate change yet? What are the social changes that need to happen if we’re to avert climate disaster? We hear from three experts: an academic, an activist, and someone who is pioneering a socially different alternative. (45 mins)


ReaganThatcher2. What Neoliberalism?  (Tuesday 9th July 6.45pm)
Neoliberalism is one of the Left’s biggest enemies – but what does neoliberalism actually stand for, and why do voters buy it? What do neoliberals think about freedom, and how could Thatcher make a solid argument for clamping down on strikes? A conversation between Dr Clive Gabay and PhD student Sofa Gradin. (45 mins)


Photo by Ferdinand Reus3. Seeing Zambia from England (Tuesday 16th July 6.45pm)
Mwansa has studied and worked on questions of Africa’s ‘development’ for years. She grew up in Zambia and moved to Britain as an adult – so what’s it like to live in such different places, and how do you deal with a whole world’s patronising preconceptions of your home? And why does Mwansa smile more in Zambia? (45 mins)


at The Roundhouse. London June 27, 20124. How to Change the World (Tuesday 23rd July 6.45pm)
A collection of interviews with seasoned radical activists who have not only tried many tactics in practice but also thought long and hard about different theories. If protest marches are not all there is, how can bikes, boats, films, tents, and dressing up as a flower in a Shakespeare play offer new avenues? And why is there any point ‘doing something’ at all? (45 mins)


Begging in Paris5. Do We Have Moral Duties to Strangers? (Tuesday 30th July 6.45pm)
Every day charities ask us for donations to stop global poverty – but do we really have a moral duty to help people who live far away? Why should we even care? A conversation between philosopher Dr Kalle Grill and politics PhD student Sofa Gradin. (45 mins)


china16. Britain’s Glorious Past as Drug-Dealer in China (Tuesday 6th August 6.45pm)
Few know that the establishment of the British cup of tea as the national drink was financed by Britain’s illegal drug dealing in China. Is this bizarre history just something of the past, or are Chinese people’s views of Britain – not to mention our economic relations – still coloured by it? We hear from some inhabitants of China’s growing mega-cities. (45 mins)


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