Episode 6 – Britain’s Glorious Past as Drug-Dealer in China – More Info

BBC’s legendary radio show In Our Time has done an even more in-depth programme about the Opium Wars if you want to hear more. It features a bunch of experts, facilitated by grumpy superstar Melvyn Bragg!!!

If you want to send The British Museum a message saying they should stop being evil and get a soul (and more specifically to put up signs acknowledging that their exotic treasures have been stolen and not simply ‘found’), you can e-mail them on feedback@britishmuseum.org.

Being of Chinese descent in Britain is exciting in many ways – but one downside is encoutering bigotry and racism from many white people. A couple of years ago this report was written by a group of academic researchers about the racism people of Chinese ancestry face in Britain – there’s a handy 1-page summary on page 10.  Speaking of white privilege, there is an EXCELLENT and mind-blowing article about it online, called ‘Why I Don’t Want to Talk About Race’.


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