Episode 5 – Do We Have Moral Duties to Strangers? – More Info

kallegrillKalle Grill is a philosopher, now working at Umeå University, Sweden. He blogs here, and you can download several of his articles from his university’s website. He’s written a lot on paternalism, which brings up all sorts of questions around what actions are and who is doing the acting…

Kalle mentioned the websites utilitarianism.net where there’s more on utilitarian thinkers; Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy which has LOADS of excellent and very detailed entries on philosophical topics for free; and Internet Encylopedia of Philosophy which has shorter articles. (And if you’re looking for a thought-provoking book on global ethics that’s beyond an introduction, I reckon Thomas Pogge’s World Poverty and Human Rights is extremey excellent and worth reading – or if you want a quick hit of free online reading, check out this article of his, though it’s not as good as the book.)


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